Ben has been looking to find a solution to his hair loss for quite some time, but as a busy business man with a young family it was always something that got pushed back - until now!

Before Ben first started to lose the hair at the front of his head, he always styled it the way he wanted to and it was a massive part of who he was. It gradually got to the point where he had to find a new look and started to comb his hair forward to cover up the hair loss.

Ben has had his receding hairline corrected in a one-day procedure with Gro. You can follow Ben's videos of his microsurgery hair transplant recovery on this page and progress photos on his dedicated Instagram page - gro.diary.ben

For further information on Gro microsurgery see the hair transplant in Manchester page.



What makes us different?

Gro Microsurgery is a modern hair transplant method where individual hair follicles are extracted one by one with a delicate tool (less than 1mm in diameter), leaving the donor area virtually unmarked.The hair follicles are kept in a growth solution to maximise their survival rate and are then implanted using a precise tool that gives our doctors full control over the depth, direction and angle of the hair.
FUE is traditional method, but unlike in FUT, hair follicles are extracted individually with a punch, leaving behind small holes. The extraction can be either motorised (by a robot) or manual (usually by a technician).Small reception holes are then created and follicles are implanted with forceps, which allows little control over their direction and angle..
FUT is an older and more invasive hair transplant method where a long, thin strip of skin is cut out from the back of the scalp. The strip is divided into hair follicles under a microscope, and the follicles are then implanted into reception holes with forceps.Faster and cheaper? Yes. More invasive with lower quality results? Also yes..


What's the next step?

If you're looking for the best way to start your journey, start with an obligation free hair loss diagnosis consultation, ask a hair loss question or call our friendly team to discuss the best hair loss options for you on 1300 787 563.