Marc (33) underwent one of the largest hair transplant procedures in our company's history. Marc went from shaving his head with a razor 2-3 times per week and his wife never knowing him with hair to having a full head of hair. 

You will find some of Marc's videos before and into his recovery on this page, the rest you can find on YouTube

Follow Marc's full journey on his dedicated Instagram page - @gro.diary.marc


What makes Gro different?

Gro Microsurgery is a modern hair transplant method where individual hair follicles are extracted one by one with a delicate tool (less than 1mm in diameter), leaving the donor area virtually unmarked.The hair follicles are kept in a growth solution to maximise their survival rate and are then implanted using a precise tool that gives our doctors full control over the depth, direction and angle of the hair.
FUE is traditional method, but unlike in FUT, hair follicles are extracted individually with a punch, leaving behind small holes. The extraction can be either motorised (by a robot) or manual (usually by a technician).Small reception holes are then created and follicles are implanted with forceps, which allows little control over their direction and angle..
FUT is an older and more invasive hair transplant method where a long, thin strip of skin is cut out from the back of the scalp. The strip is divided into hair follicles under a microscope, and the follicles are then implanted into reception holes with forceps.Faster and cheaper? Yes. More invasive with lower quality results? Also yes..


What's the next step?

Gro offers the most refined and delicate microsurgery hair transplants in Australia. If you are actively subscribed to hair growth treatments at our online clinic, but decide to have a hair transplant later, we deduct everything you’ve spent with us on prescription treatments from the price of the surgery. It’s like saving up for your future hair transplant while looking after the hair you have now!